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Rome Restaurant Guide - Matt Glazier Roma 2008 Restaurant...

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Matt Glazier Roma 2008 Restaurant Guide Lunch A great thing about Italy is that lunch can be anything you want it to be. It can be a full five course sit down meal or it can be a quick panini. Either way, there are many places I love for a good lunch. I never got into the habit of having heavy lunches and often had a panini, a salad, or a pizza. One thing to keep in mind is that you can walk into any Italian deli and buy fresh bread, cheese, and meat for an incredible sandwich. Not all places will make sandwiches to order but you can buy the ingredients separately and eat in one of Rome’s many piazzas. I had a break from 1:30-4:30 every day and usually I would wander Rome, finding a new place for lunch. I encourage you to do the same, wander the city, get lost, because that is the way you will not only get to know Rome but you will find some hidden gems. Forno Campo de Fiori 22 I cannot say it enough, forno is the best place in the entire city. If you go one place I recommend make sure it is here. When anyone asks me what the best pizza in Rome is, I do not hesitate: Forno. This is the first and last place I will take a visitor to Rome because you can go back every single day and have that same wow sensation. It is one of those moments where you take a bite, absorb the flavors, close your eyes, look to your friend and say wow, this is fantastic. I could go to Forno every day of my life and be completely satisfied and I mean that. While Forno does offer a wide selection of toppings the best choices are the traditional margherita or the pizza with cherry tomatoes. Also, the pizza bianca is simple but delicious, coated delicately with fresh olive oil and oregano. Fresh pizza’s come regularly so I recommend waiting it out until you can get a slice directly out of the oven. The only draw back of Forno is that there are no places to sit, however I enjoy grabbing a slice at Forno and walking to near by Piazza Navona. Cheap, fast and delicious, there is no better place in Rome for pizza by the slice. Something to keep in mind, Forno closes at two, reopens at five and closes at seven. I don’t recommend going after five because they don’t make fresh pizzas as often Volpetti Via Marmorata There is no better place in all of Rome for Italian meats and cheeses. Located in Testaccio, Volpetti is a traditional Italian deli with meats hanging from the ceiling and the aroma of fresh cheese lingering. The servers at Volpetti are exceptionally kind and welcoming. You can get a few types of meat and cheese and eat them at the near by park or at request they will make you a panini to take away. While it may be overwhelming to pick between the ample selections of meat and cheese, I offer two suggestions. First off, get the pesto. This is by far, the best pesto I have had in Rome. Second, if you are in question of what type of cheese or meat to get, just ask, the men behind the counter will recommend their preference. If in need,
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Rome Restaurant Guide - Matt Glazier Roma 2008 Restaurant...

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