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Spring 08 Final Study Guide

Spring 08 Final Study Guide - THET 110 SPRING 2008 FINAL...

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THET 110 SPRING 2008 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE PEOPLE: William Shakespeare-English writer-“greatest of all time” The Tempest Aimé Cesairé- French passionate about civic and social engagement A Tempest Lorraine Hansberry- first African American on Broadway-A Raisin in the Sun Luis Valdez- father of Chicano Theatre-No Saco Nada de La Escuela Velina Hasu Houston- first anthology of plays written by Asian American women- Tea Henrik Ibsen- father of modern drama, realistic drama-A Dolls House Maria Irene Fornes- Hispanic American theatre/experimentalism- Fefu and Her Friends Stephen Sondheim- musical theatre- A Dolls House John Leguizamo- the man in entertainment-Freak Dawn Akemi Saito-Asian American theatre-HA T.D. Rice- blackface comedian-“Jump Jim Crow” Edwin Christy-blackface group Christy’s Minstrel Bert Williams- first African American in lead role on Broadway Ira Aldridge-black actor made it big in England Willis Richardson-African American playwright Amiri Baraka-African American racist author very controversial- Black Arts Movement Afong Moy- Mako- East West Player-Academy Award nominated Asian American Frank Chin-pioneer of Asian American theatre David Henry Hwang- preeminent Asian American dramatist in the US Philip Kan Gotanda- leading playwright in Asian American theatre Cherrie Moraga - Chicano playwright lesbo Dolores Prida- Chicano playwright Nilo Cruz- first Latino to win a Pulitzer Prize for drama Miguel Piñero- Puerto Rican playwright; cofounded Nuyorican Poets Cafe August Comte- created sociology Karl Marx- founder of Marxism Charles Darwin - founded a theory of evolution Victor Hugo- most influential person of the Romantic movement Eugene Scribe- French dramatist- created the “well made play” formula Alexander Dumas fils- Frenchman- Count of Monte Cristo and 3 Musketeers August Strindberg- naturalism and expressionism Anton Chekhov- Russian playwright (4 classics) George Bernard Shaw-Irish playwrighte Nobel Prize and an Oscar Mary Wollstonecraft- British feminist writer (dyke) John Stuart Mill- British that exposed utalitarianism Maria Eugenia Echenique- Argentine feminist John Gay- English-The Beggars Opera Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart- “the fucking man” in classical music Oscar Hammerstien II- director of musicals/ 2 oscars Richard Rodgers- modernist British architect Sigmund Freud -unconscious mind and defensive repression F.T. Marinetti- Italian futurist Tristan Tzara- French entertainer
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Marcel Duchamp- Frenchman associated with post WWI and surrealism Salvador Dali- Spanish surrealist artist Samuel Beckett- Irish minimalist Allan Kaprow- “The Happenings” Jim Dine- American pop artist/ Neo-Dada movement Gilbert & George- Italian performance artist, living sculpture Carolee Schneeman- American visual artist focused on taboos Laurie Anderson- American experimental performance artist Steven Cohen- South African performance artist
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Spring 08 Final Study Guide - THET 110 SPRING 2008 FINAL...

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