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Public Sphere - power Fordism named for Henry Ford(assembly...

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Public Sphere- mass production working Metaphor place 1700s – ideal public sphere - 19 th century transformation Private Sphere- home—domestic sphere (they do not mix till women start working outside of the home) Transformation of public sphere- technology creates mass culture-let you get out of the house Kellner- technology takes over Voice of reason- internet can be the new public sphere Levine- people have free choice Lears- producing power controlling  Format From worksheets Short answers from worksheets Denotation- dictionary def Connotation- social meaning of the word Main ideas of people we talked about Conversation that Reception theory- emphasizes the readers reception of the text (tv- figure out how to analyze how people receive things)- public sphere- lears argument push and pull of
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Unformatted text preview: power Fordism- named for Henry Ford (assembly line) the idea of mass production, not just in ideas it’s in products you can touch. Children women worked there Cake Walk- originated with slaves a form of music and dance- during the jazz age was used to mock the upper class Escapist Argument- escape from their every day life Narcotic Argument- renders you unconscious- you’ve been drugged and now you are willing to go along with it Conspicuous Consumption- going to places to be seen Worlds Colombian Exposition- 1893 – World’s Fair – Chicago – called the “white city” Hegemony- power or control over flow of information Fictional Collective- made up group for a madeup targeted audience...
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Public Sphere - power Fordism named for Henry Ford(assembly...

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