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Alexandra Bottone Emile Catignani RSM 250 2/15/11 A semiprofessional baseball club is looking to help further their marketing campaign. By asking specific questions and creating different types of research the sports management team of this semiprofessional baseball team will be able to get answers. There are three main questions that they are specifically looking to answer for the program. Having learned the different types of ways to research in chapter two, these three questions can easily be answered. The marketing director is also looking for answers and it is the sports management teams job to develop a plan before handing in the two-page statement. The first question states; ‘Who is coming to the games?’ This question would probably require an individual of the sports management team to go to a few games and get a general idea of who is going to the game. This type of research would be qualitative. Qualitative research would be more effective in this situation because it requires observing people in order to give more insight into who is attending the games. Parkhouse states on page 20 that “qualitative processes as following an analytical scheme that includes comprehending what is being observed or talked about, synthesizing to
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RSM250_2 - Alexandra Bottone Emile Catignani RSM 250...

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