RSM #4 - of diverse target markets.” Simply stated if the...

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Alexandra Bottone Emile Catignani RSM 250 02/23/11 During the beginning of this case it gives us some incite on a division two school called Stockholm State University athletic program. The case goes into detail about how the over all campus is divided ethnically percentage wise. Through the numbers given it shows that the town and the college itself is made up of many ethnic minorities. However, the one of the problem faced in this case is the fact that only two percent of the athletic department is ethnic minorities. The main issue that the athletic department is facing is the number of attendees for basketball and football sporting events. Dr. Cathy Stewart, the current athletic director at the college beginning the question whether the faculty needs more ethnically diverse people to work for them. If diversity is managed correctly then marketing will be more effective. As Parkhouse states on page fifty-one “ enterprises that increase and properly manage diversity will possess the staffing and expertise to understand and satisfy needs
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Unformatted text preview: of diverse target markets.” Simply stated if the faculty had more ethnically minorities then they would be able to relative and market a product better because there are almost half on the college campus. Not only would have more ethnically minorities working for the athletic department help their marketing campaign but also how to deal either internal and external diversity. If Dr. Cathy Stewart had more knowledge over ethnic minorities then these issues would not have arose. However, since they did she should have an internal person who is a ethnic minority working for her so that she can relate to the external minorities or diversities. By doing this then the internal diverse person can better related and get more marketing to the external diverse person. The other main issue in the case is the fact that the attendance at these games are on average less then half of what they stadium can hold...
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RSM #4 - of diverse target markets.” Simply stated if the...

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