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Unformatted text preview: Course Syllabus SC&IS 510 Foundations of Operations and Supply Chain Management Spring 2011 Smeal College of Business Penn State University Instructor: Dr. Doug Thomas 463 Business Building (814) 863-7203 Office Hours: by appointment Class Meeting Time : Tuesday/Thursday 11:15 - 12:45 pm 010 Business Building Course Materials : Lecture notes and readings will be posted to ANGEL and/or distributed in class. 1 General Nature of the Course : The primary purpose of this course is to prepare you to conduct high-quality academic research in the broad area of supply chain management. There are lots of ways to conduct high-quality research, and we will not address all of them. Instead, this course will focus on analytic model building. In particular, we will cover the following three broad areas: • Deterministic and stochastic inventory models - including multi-item and multi-echelon systems. • Forecasting and forecast update models • Supply chain coordination including contracting and game theory issues and models For each topic we will cover the basics first. It is essential you understand the basics both to be a strong researcher, but also because you will be most likely be expected to teach this topics at some point in the future. So, a secondary purpose of the course will be to help prepare you to teach supply chain/operations. In this course, you will prove theorems, derive results, build spreadsheet models and probably build a few simulations or computational exercises using mathematical software such as MATLAB or Mathematica. We will do some of this together in class. We may periodically use these new skills to examine high-quality research papers....
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syllabus_SCIS510_SP11 - Course Syllabus SC&IS...

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