August 22 - M istry 1 H i ren M istry Ms. Buccieri English...

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Mistry 1 Hiren Mistry Ms. Buccieri English 106 24 January 2011 A Free Trip Not Worth Going August 22, 2010 Tomorrow is the first day of college. I’ve been dreaming about this day my entire high school year, and it is finally here, who hasn’t? High school left many memories, but now I am ready to start a brand new adventure on a fresh blank page: College the Sequel. I honestly do not know what to expect this year; however, what I do know is that I need to treat college the same way a child would consume his or her ice-cream; savoring every last drop of sweetness. September 20th, 2010 Today, I made a friend from another country -- her name is Nicole Lai. Brown hair, brown eyes, slim and slender would describe her physical traits. Oh and let’s not forget the most obvious characteristic: a thick Hong Kong accent. It’s as if every word has the letter r in her speech. Aside from that, her friendliness is warming and her laughter is contagious. She has two classes with me this semester; so I think our friendship is going to grow higher than wildfire. October 14th, 2010 My predictions stand correct! Nicole and I have been getting along well lately; we both love to travel and it has come to her conclusion that we should do something exciting over Thanksgiving Break. As she was contemplating on where to go, I found myself in a dilemma. I have never been away from my family for Thanksgiving and the thought of it saddens me. However, my passion for travelling certainly
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Mistry 2 overwhelms my woes, and so I proceeded to help her brainstorm some interesting areas to travel in the United States. October 20 th , 2010 Nicole has never been to Florida and I have not been there since my early childhood. Nicole took the liberty into researching Florida and shockingly, she was able to find a flight, hotel, free tickets to Disney World and cheap transportation all for under $500. She also mentioned that she invited some of her friends from Hong Kong that attend Purdue to join on our adventure. This will be my first vacation without my parents, and strangely I feel really good inside. I feel that by going on this trip to Florida will enhance my own skills toward travelling independently, instead of my parents handling all the finances and identifications on the trip. November 14 th , 2010 School has been hitting hard lately. I’ve been coming to class late, my stack of work is getting higher, and my physical features have been turning dull. A few weeks ago, Nicole introduced me to her friends that are joining on our trip, and although they seemed very friendly, I could tell English is not their expertise. But who cares? Even if we don’t share the same language, we share the same smile and laughter and that is the only characteristics I need for me to be satisfied. Recently, I have not seen Nicole. We stopped talking daily and it slowly developed to a weekly basis. The spark we use to have has drifted
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August 22 - M istry 1 H i ren M istry Ms. Buccieri English...

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