MISTRYSnowRecess - I realized it wasn’t so bad outside...

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February 1 st 2011 I feel bad that I didn’t go to my Physics class today…or Math but English was canceled so it’s not like I missed everything. The pro side about today is that I got a lot of studying done without interruptions , but with pros comes cons and I missed out on some attendance points today. But I have every right to skip class; the bloody thermometer is low it’s probably going to freeze. I really worry about this weather. February 2 nd , 2011 SNOW DAY. It is my very first snow day of my life. What to do? Do I go outside and get mauled by the snow? What’s there to do on a snow day? Sounds like a rainy day to me. My roommate, Jimmy, woke me up around 6 in the morning to tell me we had no school. Grumpy as anyone would be at six in the morning, I ignored whatever he said and went back to sleep. I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock at 8:30, looked at my phone, and noticed a text from Purdue notifying its students that today was officially a snow day. So you know what I did? You guessed correctly, I went back to sleep till 2 pm. When I woke up
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Unformatted text preview: I realized it wasn’t so bad outside, but I didn’t want to go out due to large amounts of oozing laziness. I hear my floor mates yelling and screaming so I threw on some clothes and slided down my floor residence hall floor with joy. It was Purdueoply! When they say Monoply takes forever, it really does. My floor mates, Victor, Mike and Sam and played for countless hours. Until of course Victor came out victorious. How coincidental, it’s in his name. Anyway after Purdueoply, we decided to watch the Ring followed by the Ring 2. But before that, something was grumbling. The grumbling was so loud it sounded like a pack of angry hippopotamus’. That angry sound was indeed our college stomach in search of food. What better way to celebrate snow day but to buy Domino’s pizza and watch a movie; it’s classic. We did just that till 2 am. I’m relaxed and ready for tomorrow; What a great 4 day weekend… …. Until tomorrow. February 3 rd . SNOW DAY: PART II....
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MISTRYSnowRecess - I realized it wasn’t so bad outside...

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