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1. Which position(s) along the projectile motion parabola has the maximum speed? Which position(s) along the projectile motion parabola has the minimum speed? Explain. The beginning and end of the parabola has the maximum speed, and the top of the parabola have the minimum speed, assuming no air resistance, kinetic energy is transferred into potential energy at the very top of the curve, and back to kinetic as it comes back down, so thus the max speed is at launch and at final.
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Unformatted text preview: Sometimes two skydivers share on parachute. How much larger is going to be their speed when they touch the ground compared to a single skydivers Assume that both skydivers have the same weight. There is more mass on akydiver when he is equipped with antoher person on his haerness. The mass and the gravitational force going down will make a greater force going down. This is only is air resistance is neglected ....
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