Wonder in Science UPDATED

Wonder in Science UPDATED - Wonder in Science ©ATOUPADAKIS...

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Unformatted text preview: Wonder in Science ©ATOUPADAKIS 2011 WINTER Dear students, Here is a relatively easy chemistry problem, to calculate the pH of an aqueoussolution of NaOH with an initial concentration of 1.0xlO- 8 M in NaOH at 25°C. Why is the title "Wonder in Science" used here? It is not a secret amongstudents at the undergraduate level, unfortunately allover the world, that a very high percentage of students cannot wait to graduate and leave campus. They say that while studying, they do not feel excited about what they are learning; instead they feel bored and worse, they feel an unbearable stress and pressure while trying to meet the requirements for their degrees. This page is not about to suggest why this is happeningor ways to change the direction of the educational system here and abroad in order for students to have fun (yes fun!) while pursuing their degrees. Graduate students and a very few undergraduates have the opportunity to behold the beauty and wonder in science very often while they are doing their research in a sciences laboratory. This introduction and the solution to the above chemistry problem are to show you the beauty that you can discover by even just solving a routine chemistry problem as an undergraduate student. Great sages of the world remind us that the highest goal in life, and thus also during college years, is to "KNOW YOURSELF". By pursuing this goal every day you can eventually find the right major, right career and later the right place of work, compatible with your talents and abilities, with your values and ideals, and with your personal needs. Experiencing tremendous excitement from learning during your undergraduate years is possible! It is a must in order to continue feeling content while working after college. Doing your work now and after college must feel as if you are doing your life's hobbies. Only then will you be truly successful inside and outside. With the exception of a few short periods of doing something that needs to be done and which does not interest you that much, learning should be fun....
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This note was uploaded on 02/23/2011 for the course CHE 2b taught by Professor Augustine during the Spring '07 term at UC Davis.

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Wonder in Science UPDATED - Wonder in Science ©ATOUPADAKIS...

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