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Richard Germade-Craan Chem Section 08 Purpose: To calculate the concentration of titrant in a solution. In the case of the acid-base reaction considered here, completion of the reaction (the equivalence point) is signaled by a pH indicator. Flow Chart: Fill the buret with the sodium hydroxide solution provided. Release the NaOH solution into a waste container until the meniscus is at zero or below. Make sure there are no air bubbles in the tip of the buret. If air bubbles persist, try releasing the NaOH solution rapidly through the tip with gently tapping on the side of the buret stopcock until all visible air bubbles are released. If needed, refill the buret at or below zero. The volume recorded from the buret should be estimated to 0.01 ml. When reading the volume in the Buret, it is helpful to place a card with a black box printed on it behind the Buret and line up the flat edge of the black box with the bottom of the meniscus. This will allow you to find the meniscus easily and the volume mark on the Buret. Record the initial volume. (Note: A
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