Class #3 09-09-2010 - -Robert Dietz(1936-1996-Rear Admiral...

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Classical Evidence for Drift Fit of continents Fossils - Mesosaurus - Glossopteris (seed fern) Paleoclimatic Data - Southern glaciations - Tropical North America - Tethys Coral Rock types and structures - Old mountain belts - Rocks of Devonian time - Acadian mountains Pioneers of Modern Plate Tectonics - Marie Tharp (1929-2006) - Bruce Heezen (1928-1997)
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Unformatted text preview: -Robert Dietz (1936-1996)-Rear Admiral Harry Hess Modern Evidence for Plate Tectonics Hot spot volcanism-Volcanic Island / Seamount chain-Hawaii-Emperor chain Paleomagnetism-Polarity reversals of magnetic field preserved in volcanic rocks on the seafloor and elsewhere-Magnetic stripes pattern...
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Class #3 09-09-2010 - -Robert Dietz(1936-1996-Rear Admiral...

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