Geology test 2 review - Afisol Andisol Aridisol Entisol...

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Afisol Andisol Aridisol Entisol Gelisol Histosol Inceptisol Mollisol Oxisol Spodosol Utisol Vertisol Colin Youngwall Geology Test 2 Review Sediment: Consists of loose fragments of rocks or minerals broken off bedrock, mineral crystals that precipitate directly out of water, and shells. Sedimentary Rock: Rock that forms at or near the surface of the earth by the precipitation of minerals from water solutions, by the growth of skeletal material in organisms, or by the cementing together of shell fragments or of loose grains derived from pre existing rock. Joints: Natural cracks that form in rocks due to removal of overburden or due to cooling. Weathering: The process that breaks up and corrodes solid rock, eventually transforming it into sediment. Talus: Rock rubble at the base of a slope. Chemical Weathering: Chemical reactions that alter or destroy minerals when rock comes in contact with water solutions or air. Relative Stability of Minerals at the Earths Surface: Fastest Weathering, Least Stable Halite Calcite Olivine Ca-plagioclase Pyroxene Amphibole Na-plagioclase Biotite Orthoclase Muscovite Clay Quartz Gibbsite Hemotite . Slowest Weathering, Most Stable Saprolite: A layer of rotten rock produced from chemical weathering. Dissolution: Chemical weathering during which minerals dissolve into water. Hydrolysis: Water chemically reacts with minerals and breaks them down. Oxidation: A reaction in which an element loses electrons
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Hydration: The absorption of water into the crystal structure of minerals, may cause some minerals to expand. Soil: Consists of rock and sediment that has been modified by physical and chemical interaction with organic material and rainwater. Regolith:
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Geology test 2 review - Afisol Andisol Aridisol Entisol...

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