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Course Syllabus Social Psychology PSYC-2730- Section 02 Credit hours: 4 Fall/ 2010 INSTRUCTOR : Ann Ruecker Phone: 646.886.2342 e-mail address: Tuesdays and Fridays from 2:00-3:50 p.m. Room location: Sage 5510 Office location: Sage 3202 (may change) Office telephone number: Call me at 646.886.2342 Office hours: T and F: 12:00-1:30 p.m. Prerequisites or other requirements: PSYC-1200 (General Psychology) or permission of instructor Student Learning Outcomes The student should be able to describe and analyze the psychological theories and principles that are the foundations in social psychology. Concepts such as group processes, social cognition, attitude formation, decision making, pro-social behavior, prejudice, stereotyping, and aggression should be understood from a theoretical perspective and an applied perspective. The student should be able to analyze and demonstrate knowledge between different theories and ultimately develop their own arguments in the field so as they critically think about the field of social psychology. The student should be able to relate the major thoughts in social psychology in order to understand interpersonal and group relationships. The student should be able to comprehend and analyze research in the field of social psychology from psychology journals, books, newspapers and the internet. Grading Grading will consist of the following: Two exams will each count for 20% of your grade ; so both will count for a total of 40% of your grade. Twenty-page paper and a VERY BRIEF presentation will count for 40% of
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SocialPsychologySyllabusFALL2010 - Course Syllabus Social...

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