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Midterm 2 Outline I. Energy and Intermolecular Forces – Chapter 6 and Problem Set 5 A. Heat and work a. ܷ݀ ൌ ݀ݓ ൅ ݀ݍ therefore if dU = 0 then dw = dq b. For isothermal processes dU = 0 and if all the work is pressure or volume work then ݀ݓ ൌ െܲ ா௑் ܸ݀ c. Understand extensive/intensive quantities d. Understate state variables vs. path dependent variables B. Enthalpy a. H = U + PV b. ݀ܪ ൌ ܷ݀ ൅ ܲ ா௑் ܸ݀ ሺܽݐ ܿ݋݊ݏݐܽ݊ݐ ݌ݎ݁ݏݏݑݎ݁ሻ and therefore ݀ܪ ൌ ݀ݍ ሺܽݐ ܿ݋݊ݏݐܽ݊ݐ ݌ݎ݁ݏݏݑݎ݁ሻ C. Heat capacity – the change of energy as related to the change of temperature a. At constant volume ܥ ൌ ቀ డ௎ డ் ܴ݊ ݂݋ݎ ܽ݊ ݈݅݀݁ܽ ݃ܽݏ b. At constant pressure ܥ ൌ ቀ డு డ் ܴ݊ ݂݋ݎ ܽ݊ ݈݅݀݁ܽ ݃ܽݏ c. For non ideal gases the heat capacity may depend on the temperature. (see above) D. Force and energy. For an expression of energy ܷሺݎሻ we can find the force ܨሺݎሻ ൌ െ ௗ௎ ௗ௥ a. Morse potential ܷሺݎሻൌ ܦሾ1െ݁ ି௔ሺ௥ି௥
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Midterm 2 Outline - Midterm2Outline

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