HW 101 Assignment 1

HW 101 Assignment 1 - for the glory of my personal victory....

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Name: Jasmine Huang Jiawei Trigger word: Infatuation Group: HW101 T16 Everybody wants an edge over the others by having a head start. People shuffle their feet forward to fit into any possible empty spaces, like a fluid mosaic, slow and steady, random but organized. (Cumulative sentence) As shoulders touch shoulders, I can sense the breaths of all runners seem to inhale synchronically as everyone watches the flag being swung up. Fixing my eyes on the flag, afraid to miss any millisecond of a head start, the marathon has begun. (periodic sentences) What is in front of me is a road of no return. No matter rain or shine, rough or smooth terrain, I must finish the course
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Unformatted text preview: for the glory of my personal victory. The cry of every single one of my cells for oxygen, the crave to grasp another breath, the compulsion to survive and conquer, (Serial construction) have indulged me in the sensation of pushing myself beyond the limit. This thrills me because I know when I sacrifice a little of myself, I am getting a little closer to my victory. Neither do I run with companions nor encouragement, this is a battle of willpower. For if I want to go fast I run alone, if I want to go far I run with friends. (Balanced pairs) I have chosen the former because at the end of the race, I will be given the title of “The Top Finisher”....
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