Spring2010Exam1 - STAT/MATH 511 SUMMER 2010 EXAM 1 GROUND...

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Unformatted text preview: STAT/MATH 511 SUMMER, 2010 EXAM 1 GROUND RULES: • This exam contains 10 questions; each question is worth 10 points. The maximum number of points on this exam is 100. • You may use a calculator if you wish, but SHOW ALL OF YOUR WORK AND EXPLAIN ALL OF YOUR REASONING!!! • Any discussion or otherwise inappropriate communication between ex- aminees will be dealt with severely. HONOR PLEDGE FOR THIS EXAM: After you have finished the exam, please read the following statement and sign your name below it. I promise that I did not discuss any aspect of this exam with any- one other than the instructor, that I neither gave nor received any unauthorized assistance on this exam, and that the work presented herein is entirely my own. i 1. Suppose that S is a non-empty sample space and that A and B are subsets of S with P ( A ) = 0 . 5, P ( B ) = 0 . 6, and P ( A ∪ B ) = 0 . 8. (a) Are A and B independent? Prove/explain your answer. (b) Are A and B mutually exclusive? Prove/explain your answer. (c) Find P ( A ∪ B ). (d) Find P ( A | B ). (e) Find the probability that A occurs or B occurs, but not both. 2. Clinical trials are underway to get an H1N1 (swine flu) vaccination to the public as quickly as possible. In one trial at Vanderbilt University Hospital, patients are randomly assigned to one of the four treatment groups: 1. Placebo (a non-treatment, for control purposes) 2. Experimental 1: 7.5 mcg of hemagglutinin 3. Experimental 2: 15 mcg of hemagglutinin 4. Experimental 3: 30 mcg of hemagglutinin....
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Spring2010Exam1 - STAT/MATH 511 SUMMER 2010 EXAM 1 GROUND...

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