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img017 - " 711‘ 1/A ‘ 2 A uniform meter stick with...

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Unformatted text preview: " 711‘. 1/A\ ‘ , 2. A uniform meter stick with a mass of 120 s placed on a pivot so that it can teeter about the 40 cm mark Masses are then hung from the stick as follows: @ g at O cm;®gat98 W76 em, and 49g at 259m a. If a®g mass is hung from the meter stick, where must it be placed 1n order for the stick to balance? (5 points) b. If instead, a weight is placed at the 10 cm mark and the meter stick ”a balances, what is the mass of the weight? (3 points) c. What is the total force applied to the meter stick by the pivot in case a, where the 50 g mass is added to balance the meter stick? (2 points) Q) tplvob" ismV‘H + {103+C403\\C gogf HC509 + t 50 :0 o + o +(o.0DCQ.8X o ) + (0.01m 3&5) + (o .o 1961-81“le(0.05X9-8X98)+(0.0S)(9.9D) :0 o+q a+14 eqwaa 02+ 0 ‘th 0 Cam»; b) O+O+O+q.8+\4;.8%+48.oz+ q.8ooim =0 lm30- 11% ;,,/ F A n N C) E l 1:; _ N—mg-mg-mmg—mg-mg-mg =0 if. t m m M iix)1'50.ontq:83'-co.o4)rq.8)—L0,ozytq.g7e<o.0519.8)— Ni m3 ””3 9 (0-0371‘387— (onmelzo N: 0.0% +go,5qa4—oil% +0,4Q+0.4q +I.‘I‘Ha —/ ...
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