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img018 - l Masses are placed as shown in the diagram above...

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Unformatted text preview: l. Masses are placed as shown in the diagram above and are connected with light, rigid rods (not shown). a. Find the moment of inertia if the system were to rotate about the L—LX'LS. (4 points) I 2 :mr2 : £17052) H3151) 4- 5L31)+ 2H1) SO+75+4S+82 =— What torque must be applied to the system in order for there to be an angular acceleration of 1.2 rad/s2 about the x-axis? (2 points Ot=|.2 {210/ so (22020.2) 1:242/1 Once the system achieves an angular velocity of 7.5 rad/s, the torque is turned off, and the system is allowed to rotate without acceleration. What is the rotational kinetic energy of the system? (2 uoints Ker: ‘lzlwl : ‘lz (202x191 : 5b8)|,25 J What is the angular momentum of the system if it is rotating at a constant angular velocity of 12 rad/s? (2 oints L : ILL) : ZOZUD : 2424 Bonus: A car, traveling at 80 m/s, passes a pedestrian standing at the side of a long, straight road. The car has a mass of 2,000 kg and is at a distance of 3 meters from the person just as it passes. What is the angular momentum of the car, relative to the person, at the moment the car passes? (1 point) L = I LU I} V: 80""15 I : 2033(31) 1 |8000 1i“ 3, m 3 1000 r V t: FUJ (“film oer-swans»? :9 L - L: \8000x2lo.b7 :- + I ...
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