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img054 - 77777 15 As a basketball player starts to jump for...

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Unformatted text preview: 77777 15. As a basketball player starts to jump for a rebound, he begins to move upward faster and faster until he leaves the floor. During this time that he is in contact with the floor, the force of the floor on his shoes is: bigger than his weight. equal in magnitude and opposite in direction to his weight. 3 less than his weight. E4) zero. 5 equal in magnitude and direction to his weight 16. A trapeze artist, with swing, weighs 800 N; he is momentarily held to one side by his partner using; a horizontal force so that the swing ropes make an angle of 300° with the vertical. In such a condition of static equilibrium, what is the horizontal force being applied by the partner? (1)462 N (2) 400 N (3) 196 N (4) 921 N (5) 131 N 17. Maria throws two stones from the top edge of a building with a speed of 20 ni/s. She throws one straight down and the other straight up. The first one hits the street in a time 151. How much later is it before the second stone hits? (1) 4.1 s (2) 7.3 s (3) 3.0 s (4) 0.0 s (5) Not enough infin‘mation is given to work this problem. 18. A European sports car dealer claims that his product will accelerate at a constant rate from rest to a speed of 100 km / hr in 8.00 s. What distance will the sports (tar travel during the 8 s acceleration period? (1) 111 m (2) 77.7 m (3) 55.5 m (4) 222 in (5) 100m 19. A 500-N tightrope walker stands at the center of the rope. If the rope can withstand a tension of 1 800 N without breaking, what is the minimum angle the rope can make with the horizontal? (1) 8° (2) 4° (3) 10° (4) 15° (5) 1° 20. As a 3.0—kg bucket is being lowered into a 10-m~deep well, starting from the top, the tension in the rope is 9.8 N. The acceleration of the bucket will be: (1) 6.5 m/s2 downward. (2) zero. (3) 9.8 m/s2 downward. (4) 3.3 m/s2 upward. (5) 9.8 m/s2 upward. 89 ...
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