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Unformatted text preview: 77777 6. The impulse experienced by a body is equivalent to its change in: @momentum. (2) kinetic energy. (3) velocity. (4) potential energy. (5) None of the four other choices choices is valid. 7. Judith the Astronaut weighs 60 kg. She is holding a 350 kg satellite outside the space shuttle in space and is at rest relative to the space shuttle. She pushes the satellite away from the shuttle at 0.90 m/s. What speed does this give Judith as she moves toward the shuttle? @5.3 m/s (2) 4.0111/S (3) 8.5 m/s (4) 9.0 m/s (5) 1.0 m/s 8. A 70—kg man is standing in a 20—kg boat. The marl steps to the right thinking he will step out onto the (lock next to the boat. However, the following will actually happen (ignore the friction of the water or air on the boat or the man) The man only moves a short distance to the right while the boat moves a larger distance to the left. 2 The man actually stays still while the boat moves toward the left. 3 The boat doesn’t move and the man moves to the right. 4 The boat moves a short distance to the left while the man moves a larger distance to the right. 5 None of the four other choices is correct. @l‘wo blocks of masses ml = 2.00 kg and 1712 = 4.00 kg are each ( )leased from rest at a height of y : 4.40 m on a frictionless track, . Q; “E as shown in the figure, and undergo an elastic head-on collision. ; * What is the maximum height to which ml rises after collision? ‘ .. g @122 m (2) 6.10 m (3) 4.40 m (4) 2.20 m (5) 8.80 m )0. A cylinder 8.0 km in diameter and 30 km long has been proposed as living quarters for future outer space explorers. Such a habitat would have cities, land and lakes on the inside surface of the cylinder. All this would be held in place by the rotation of the cylinder about the long central axis. How fast would such a cylinder have to rotate to produce an effective gravitational field of l-g (g = 9.80 m/s2) at the walls of the cylinder? (1) 0.05 rad/s (2) 0.10 rad/s (3) 0.15 rad/s (4) 0.20 rad/s (5) 0.25 rad/s )If. A 100-kg box is placed on a ramp. As one end of the ramp is raised, the box begins to move downward just as the angle of inclination with respect to the horizontal equals 15°. What is the coefficient of static friction between the box and ramp? (1) 0.27 (2) 0.15 (3) 0.77 (4) 0,95 (5) 0.85 If There are six books in a stack, each with a weight of 5.0 N. The coefficient of static friction between all the books is 0.20 as is the coefficient of static friction between the table and the bottom book. What horizontal push must I just exceed on the next to bottom book to start sliding the top five books off the bottom one? (1) 5.0 N (2) 1.0 N (3) 3.0 N (4) 7.0 N (5) 12 N K: Dana uses a rope to pull a box that weighs 300 N across a level surface with constant velocity. The rope makes an angle of 30° above the horizontal and the tension in the rope is 100 N. What is the coefficient of kinetic friction between the box and the surface? (1) 0.35 (2) 0.29 (3) 0.17 (4) 0.20 (5) 0.50 14. If both mass and velocity of a ball are tripled, the kinetic energy is increased by a factor of: @27 (2) 6 (3)9 (4) 3 (5) 100 ...
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