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Unformatted text preview: 2377 The first answer is the correct one for this format. Solutions are given at the end of the file 77777 Instructor: Ihas/B'iswus PHYSICS DEPARTMENT PHY 2053 Exam 3 Nov. 17, 2006 120 minutes Name (print, last first): Signature: ()n my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this examination. DIRECTIONS (1) Code your test number (THE 5—DIGIT NUMBER AT THE TOP OF EACH PAGE) on your answer sheet using lines 76—80. Write your test number down and take it with you. Code your name on your answer sheet. Code your UFID number on your answer sheet. (2) Print your name on this sheet and sign it also. 3 You may do scratch work anywhere on this exam. Circle your answers on the test form. At the end of the test, this exam printout is to be turned in. No credit will be given without both answer sheet and printout. (4) Fill in the circles of your intended answers completely on the answer sheet, using a #2 pencil or blue ( ( or black ink. Do not make any stray marks or some answers may be counted as incorrect. 5) The answers are rounded off. Choose the closest to exact. There is no penalty for guessing. If you believe that no listed answer is correct, leave the form blank. 6) Hand in the answer sheet separately, showing your UFID. Useful information: Q = 9.80 m/s2 Neglect air resistance. Ropes are niassless. 1. A 0.30-m-radius automobile tire accelerates from rest at a constant angular acceleration 2.0 rad/s2. What is the centripetal acceleration of a point on the outer edge of the tire after 5.0 s‘? (1) 30 m/s2 (2) 33 m/s2 (3) 300 In/s2 (4) 3.0 m/s2 (5) 330 m/s2 2. A 0.30—kg rock is swung in a circular path and in a vertical plane on a 0.25-1n-lcngth string. At the top of the path, the angular speed is 12.0 rad /s. What is the tension in the string at that point? (1) 7.9 N (2) 16 N (3) 18 N (4) 83 N (5) 0 N 3. At what angle (relative to the horizontal) should a road curve, 52 m in radius, be banked if no friction is required to prevent the car from slipping when traveling at 12 m/s? (9 = 9.80 Iii/s2) (1) 16° (2) 32° (3) 28° (4) 10° (5) 45° 4. A satellite is in a circular orbit about the Earth at a distance of one Earth radius above the Earth‘s surface. What is the speed of the satellite? (The radius of the Earth is 6.4 X 106m, mass of the Earth : 5.98 X 1024kg, and G" : 6.67 X l()_“N-1112/kg2.) (1) 5,600 rn/s (2) 4,200 Ill/S (3) 2,800 in/s (4) 1,400 n'i/s (5) 7,800 m/s . A IOU-N uniform ladder, 8.0 m long, rests against a smooth vertical wall. The coefficient of static friction between ladder and floor is 0.40. What minimum angle can the ladder make with the floor before it slips? O1 (1) 51° (2) 22° (3) 18° (4) 42° (5) 39° 6. If a net torque is applied to an object, that object will experience: an angular acceleration. a constant angular speed. a decreasing moment of inertia. an increasing moment of inertia. a constant angular momentum O‘ukC/JNH 109 ...
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