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As tragic as it sounds, there is a very strong connection between the children who were raised in an abusive home and then either marry an abuser or become an abuser. The majority of children who are sexually abused become sexual abusers UNLESS they get treatment for the trauma of the abuse. Why do you think that is? Child abuse especially sexual abuse is the most heinous and barbaric act against mankind and the offenders should be given harshest of the punishment possible so as to avoid its occurrence in future. In my opinion children who are abused sexually during their childhood tend to become abusers themselves with the motive to overcome the feeling of inadequacy and shame. These children, due to the traumatic experiences that they have had, are psychologically impaired. They indulge in abuse because it makes them feel as if they are in a power
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Unformatted text preview: position and hence don’t need to feel inadequate or inferior. Second reason why these children grow up to become abusers is because they feel extremely angry and hurt. In an attempt to vent out their anger they tend to hurt other people in the bargain. This makes them feel better and hence encourages them to keep indulging in this wrongful act. Another prominent reason for this cycle of abusive behavior is seen among children who are exposed to abusive relation for prolonged periods. These children start viewing abusive behavior as something normal and hence start practicing it themselves as well. Therefore if someone has been subjected to abuse in his lifetime, there is an immediate need to provide support and guidance to him so that he may overcome this traumatic event and move on with life without indulging in further wrongful activities....
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