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When a therapist or any human services worker experiences counter transference how do you think the human services professional should handle the matter? Should he/she tell the client that he/she is pushing the counselor's buttons or not? Transference is therapies that are feelings of the patients for their therapists and counter transference are the feelings of the therapists to the transference of their patients. Counter transference of the therapists to the transference of their clients is obvious and natural. Having counter transference is not good or bad. Counter transference increases the bond and
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Unformatted text preview: understanding between client and the therapist. The therapist should handle the case depending upon the client’s mental ability and perspectives to understand what the therapist is explain him/her. If the clients’ are matured enough to understand things and change their feelings accordingly then the therapist should tell the clients about their feelings and both should work on them and subside them. On the other hand if the client’s intellectual power is not good then the therapist should not tell him/her of his/her feeling and the therapist should subside his/her feelings....
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