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What is the difference between positive and negative reinforcement? In your opinion, is either effective? Why or why not? When someone tries to improve a behavior in someone else this is Positive reinforcement is. Usually this is done by teachers or parents. Parents mostly use this method to make their kids continue these behaviors by giving those new video games, toys cash, or whatever they want. This can backfire as it can lead to the teen or child do something good they always expecting something in return after. This is not necessarily the opposite Positive reinforcement is Negative reinforcement. The parent may want to stop their chills bad behavior, for example fighting between their kids and his friends. To get the punishment removed and get his stuff back parents will try to make
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Unformatted text preview: their child stop fighting in this special effort in that they will take something very precious to that kid. When their child acts badly this is what parents would usually do. Things that are precious to them they take away. This is the difference between negative and positive reinforcement. Yes this reinforcement is very effective Because Rewards are associated with Positive reinforcement. Child is getting rewarded for doing something for a behavior positively reinforced. In a different way Negative reinforcement also involves rewards. From a situation it is a way of removing something. So we can say that this reinforcement is very effective...
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