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There has always been the nurture/nature debate about mental illness. Are people depressed because they had a depressed parent and that is the way the child learned to deal with the world or is the individual genetically predisposed to depression? The role of nature and nurture in development of mental illness among individuals is a highly debated issue with no concrete results so far. In my opinion both nature and nurture contribute significantly towards the development of any disorder irrespective of whether it is physical or mental. Just like the development of the personality traits, as well as, mental and cognitive dispositions of an individual, are equally impacted by environment around and the hereditary factors, the same holds true in case of mental illness as well. For instance there was this one case wherein the person had had a family history of mental disorders like depression and anxiety but was not affected with any of those
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Unformatted text preview: during his life time. This was primarily because he always had a strong support system in his family and always maintained a positive outlook towards. Thus despite of having a family history of the mental illness he was able to beat the odds due to his will power and support of family. Having said this there is no denying the fact, that if a there have been instances of mental disorders in one’s family tree, and then the concerned person is definitely at a higher risk of suffering from these problems. On the other hand there are several instances of people who due to some tremendous stress or a traumatic experience in life are subjected to mental disorders despite of having no family history whatsoever. Thus it would be safe to conclude that both nature and nurture along with other circumstantial factors tend to play a role in the occurrence of mental illness among people....
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