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It is important that the human services professional have a strong foundation in any theory. How flexible do you think that a human services professional can fit in to an agency that uses different models than the professional in question? Can that work relationship work? Yes, it is truly important that human services professional have a strong foundation in all the  theory.   Dedication, hard work is the major and very important role in a workplace but after all there is  one more thing that matters that is – relationship management. Yes relationship does work in 
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Unformatted text preview: any services that a professional provides because it gives a positive impact to the customer and services. Professionalism and relationship both are equally important in any profession and in any work. Professionalism is important but we can’t sale or give service to our clients without having good relationship with them. We have to build a strong and mutual understanding. We have to treat them well for our future and further use....
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