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response wed. 2 - or having a discussion with the therapist...

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As with every other relationship between humans, not every person is going to click with  every one else. There are a variety of ways that an individual can assess the compatibility  between   themselves   and   a   therapist   who   they   are   considering   entering   in   to   a  therapeutic   relationship   with.   Can you give some examples of how one might determine if a therapist is the right one  for them? A person can determine if a therapist is right for them or not by first attending a session  or having a discussion with the therapist that can help him/her know the methods that 
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Unformatted text preview: or having a discussion with the therapist that can help him/her know the methods that the therapist shall use in the future sessions. It would also help the patient to know if the therapist is able to understand the patient’s problem in a satisfactory way or not. In this way they can find out if the therapist is suitable for him or not as it helps him understand the approach and the comfort level with a therapist which is extremely important for a patient....
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