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Triangulation System (Family Systems Theory) can be considered as a helping tool in psychology because it mainly helps in the child’s development. When in a family, two- party relationship splits into a three-party system giving rise to new relationships, the child develops new mental abilities in order to analyze complex situations. It is observed generally at the age of 18, when the mother continues to care for the child and the father lures the child to the world. Triangulation System is better when it is unsafe to approach directly to a family member to discuss concerns due to his/her violent nature. In the family triangulation system the third party can either be used as an alternate for the
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Unformatted text preview: direct communication, or can be applied as a messenger to convey the communication to the main party. According to this theory, it can be as a tool used in therapy as follows: • A third party is recruited to reduce anxiety and stabilize a couple’s relationship. • Underlying conflict not addressed & worsens. • Once the 3rd person is determined the balance accomplished is off again. • Effect in one part of family system impacts the whole system. • Therapist must be highly distinguished so as not to become caught up in triangulation with couple....
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