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Week 3 DQ 1 - and implement them on their own It helps the...

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Do you agree with the necessity for autonomy as defined by the cognitive theorists? Why? Yes, I do agree with the necessity for autonomy as defined by the cognitive theorists as this forms the most important element of learning. In case of there not being any autonomy for learning it is not possible that cognition occurs. In case of the employee or any other subordinate is not in a position to be empowered or provided the required autonomy it becomes extremely difficult for him to function as it leads to limitations and inhibitions in decision making as well as in the processes of work. Autonomy refers to giving a subordinate the rights to take decisions
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Unformatted text preview: and implement them on their own. It helps the management to be able to delegate in an impactful and effective manner. It helps in creation of roles and positions which are strategically important to the organization and can help achieve operational efficiency. Autonomy helps in efficient delegation and also helps in achieving efficiency in operations. There is a close relationship between accountability and performance management. If an organization is able to effectively implement performance management then it helps it to achieve its goals and vision with ease as it helps in smooth functioning of the organization....
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