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Why is it important for human services workers, and the professionals they assist, to have a  theoretical framework for helping and creating change? It is important for human service workers & professionals that they assist to have a theoretical framework for helping & creating change. In order to do any work perfectly, there exist certain rules & regulations which are to be followed. At times, directly going to the problem may not be the ultimate solution, so we need to have a theoretical framework. This could be related to other issues, for ex if we see the check engine light on in car, first we take it to mechanic to diagnose what’s the issues, then the solutions are offered to us to resolve the problem in car. Also by having a framework, it makes them more efficient against misuse of taxpayer's money. The representation of the waste of tax payer's money is the result of their very existence. Without having a way to explain the issues that people are having, there is no way to 
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Unformatted text preview: begin looking for ways to change it. In a way, I think that while it is important to have a theoretical framework, it should also be a priority to be open-minded and flexible with theories as well. I also think that having a theoretical framework that accurately reflects one's own attitudes, values, and beliefs is equally important. If a clinician adopts a framework that is inappropriate for his or her own personality, it will not be effective in initiating change in the clients being assisted. I also think that having a theoretical framework when helping other professionals is important because it can sometimes offer a different explanation. If a coworker is having problems getting through to a client, one might be able to offer advice on a different way to begin....
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