Wk4 DQ1 - being used in various fields such as psychiatry,...

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Describe what is meant by a genogram. Solution: Genogram is the pictorial representation of a persons family relationships and the medicinal history also. This will be helpful in creation of the family history by noting the relation, births, losses, connections between them, occupations, roles, alignment, communication pattern, health history etc. The genogram is used to determine the pattern or the disease in the persons and to evaluate individual health risks in the near future. The genograms of four generations will provide enough details of the person. Now a day it is
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Unformatted text preview: being used in various fields such as psychiatry, psychology, genealogy, medicine, social work, education and genetic research also. The pictorial representation of male is square and the female is circle and the pregnancy is by triangle. It is a computer based diagram which in turn helpful about the study of persons as a individual or as a family. It can even used to detect the divorce patterns in his or her family....
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