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delegate - goals This is how one can delegate Effective...

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In order to delegate effectively it is very essential to communicate properly. Because only through proper communication it is possible to delegate, the proper ideas and thoughts. Before delegating one need to determine what he/she wants to delegate, need to chalk out the plans first. While delegating clearly clarify the desired outcome, if one needs to follow certain specific path in order to accomplish the task that too need to be delegate. While delegating clearly define the responsibilities of the employee. While delegating define the scope and degree of authority to the employee. While delegating introduce certain time span and establish a follow up schedule so that the employees can accomplish the task and fulfill their objectives and achieve organizational
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Unformatted text preview: goals. This is how one can delegate. Effective ways to delegate : Consider individual strength and weakness Match challenge to ability level Keep a delegation log Break the task into chunks Be generous with recognition Pros of delegation : Delegation helps to increase the motivational level of employees Helps to incorporate new ideas and thoughts from employees Improves the quality of decision making Cons of delegation : Due to delegation subordinates may not obey time limits and can be negligent about their responsibilities. Lack of delegation may cause conflict of egos between managers and subordinates....
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