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PECO’s Planning Functions of Management General Counsel and Vice President Regulatory associations has leadership accountability for the legal functions of PECO, manages the PECO legal funds and manages federal regulatory matters within PECO, as well as is accountable for regulatory affairs, including allocation and transmission pricing and association with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission . Vice President, External Affairs is accountable for corporate supervision of external affairs, including relationships with chosen officials, and of promotion and energy services. Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer have prime responsibility for all financial issues linked to PECO. Reporting straightforwardly to the President of PECO to guarantee the
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Unformatted text preview: accomplishment of PECOs financial and strategic objectives. Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer administer the resources and actions associated to the on the whole management of PECO electric and gas business. This includes full liability for congregation all financial, customer, operational and employee objectives for the PECO Electric and Gas business. Director, Communication helps PECO by providing communication support. Manager, Corporate Relations, helps PECO by providing corporate relationship supports. Manager, Strategic Planning, leads initiatives and projects which evaluate, build up, and execute plans of major strategic impact....
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