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What are three factors that impact the planning process? How do these factors impact the planning process? What role does organizational responsibility and ethics play in the planning process? Ans. There are three factors of planning process and their impact on planning process: 1. Current economic conditions: the condition of the economy supplies information that can create the plan successful or unsuccessful. Economical conditions will supply a business with information that will assist ascertain the next steps in the planning process, and this factor in extremely on plans. 2. Priorities: it will permit a business to get choices that will be advantageous. During this step priorities are regarded because they must be used to appraise and select a plan. 3. Budget: it can create or break a plan, and realistic thoughts about budgeting
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Unformatted text preview: should always be considered during the planning process of a business. Organizational responsibilities act a role in the planning process because an organization is responsible for allowing stake holders with benefit or value first and foremost. The stakeholder will always act a role in the selections of the planning process because the final objective of most businesses is to allow value. Ethics also act a role in the planning process because ethical thoughts can affect priorities and goals. Ethics will also determine budget decisions which are inherent to the planning process. Ethics have a consequence on the planning process because ethics will constantly play a role in the decision making of a business....
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