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Organization’s leaders impact the organization’s culture to a great extent as their leadership style leads to the formation of the communication levels or communication gaps and organizational structures as well as the design of it as the leaders are the ones who greatly impact the strategic aspects of the organization. Leadership is an extremely important trait required in the field of management as well as in case of leading people. Leadership is even more essential as environments become uncertain as it is leaders who are more capable of unstructured decision making rather than administrators who are used to structured decision making for the purpose of
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Unformatted text preview: achieving the organizational goals. The style of leadership adopted in the context of communication skills and methods or politeness, openness and other several factors of communication include authoritativeness, participative or team association style and motivating as well as transformation factors. It is essential that in a group a leader takes charge in order to unify the efforts of the group. A leader plays an extremely important role in groups as it helps co-ordinate without creating too many disruptions. They help direct the group and show the best ways of attaining the target....
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