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ACC 305 WIU P4-6.2 - Depreciation is a non cash expenditure...

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CASH FLOW STATEMENT Opening Balance of Cash Increase in Accounts Receivable -36120 Merchandis Inventory -3675 Office Supplies 180 Prepaid Insurance 525 Net Purchase of Store Equpment -6000 Net Purchase of office equipment -4620 Increase in Accounts Payable 12225 Salary Payable -540 Unearned Rent -900 Notes Payable -7500 Increase in Retained Earning 63600 Total Cash at the end of 2011
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Unformatted text preview: Depreciation is a non cash expenditure which is deducted from profit an Investment in assets is a capital expenditure which is not allowed as ded income. So depreciation is allowed as expenditure from income stateme It is amortised of assets in a given period of time. 62250 17175 79425 79425 August 31st, 2010 nd loss. duction from ent....
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