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Unformatted text preview: University of Hong Kong 2 nd semester 2009-2010 ECON0301 Theory of International Trade Assignment 1 Due time: 9am on 2 February 2010 (Tuesday) Answer all of the following questions, you can work alone or team up with another classmate. I only require one script per team. Please hand in your script to your TA (Mr. DAI Ming) on or before the deadline via his pageon box on the 9 th floor of K.K. Leung Building. Table 1 contains the Hong Kong’s value of trade with respect to its largest 10 trading partners for the year of 2006. (a) Please complete the table by filling in the GDP of these 10 countries/economies in that year, as well as their distances from Hong Kong. To find out GDPs, you can make use of the database maintained by international organizations such as or you can go directly to the website of the country’s government agency; for distances, we adopt the convention that the distance of two countries is measured by that between the capital cities of the two...
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