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Quiz #1 - Suggested Solutions Descriptive Statistics 1. I have recently collected a random sample to measure the willingness to pay for improved hurricane forecasts from about 80 Miami residents. a. How many observations are there in this data set? __ii_(80)_ (i) The dollar amount each respondent indicates (ii) 80 b. What is the unit of observation (the “who”) of the data set? __ii_(Miami resident)_ (i) The willingness-to-pay (ii) A Miami resident c. I record the street address for each respondent. Would I want descriptive statistics on this variable (Yes or No)? _No__ 2. Put a number after each concept in the left column to match it with the right column: a. Histogram __4___ 1. arithmetic average of the data b. 1st quartile __5___ 2. largest value minus smallest value c. variance __8___ 3. value such that 50% of the sample is larger d. range __2___ 4. bar graph of counts or relative frequencies e. IQR __6___ 5. value such that 25% of the sample is smaller f. mean __1___ 6. 3rd quartile value minus the 1st quartile value
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Unformatted text preview: g. median __3___ 7. most frequently occuring value 8. mean squared deviation of the data 3. Suppose 80% of families own a car, 60% of families own their own house, and 50% own both a car and a house. I randomly sample a family from the population. What is the chance that . . . a. the family owns either a car or a house? T G L T G m T L M T G L ) m ' M & * l r l r l r l r b. the family does not own a car? T G " M T G " M ' % l r l r w 4. My five attack planes are having a bad day, only hitting the target 20% of the time. Write the expression for (you need not calculate the probability) . . . a. the probability of 4 hits T \ B G : " M : # ) &x %x & M x l r l r l r 8 B B 8MB % " b. the probability of at most ( ) 4 hits. Use a summation sign in your answer. s T \ % # ) &x Bx & M Bx l r S l r B! % B &MB...
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