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Name Chem 4711, Homework 5 (Due 11/8 in class) Only use the space provided to answer the following questions. 1. You are studying an enzyme that uses the kinetic mechanism shown below, and develop an inhibitor that competes with binding of S2 to the enzyme. What kind of inhibition would you expect with respect to S1 and why? 2. What are the two key tenets of microscopic reversibility?
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Describe the K M of a substrate in terms of free E. 4. A large number of enzymes contain “lids” that close over the active site. Give two reasons why lids typically are important in terms of the reaction catalyzed by the enzyme. 5. Do all proteins pick up mutations at the same rate? Why or why not? S1 S2 E E-S1 E-S1-S2 E + P...
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