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Name Chem 4711, Homework 2 (Due 10/6 in class) Only use the space provided to answer the following questions. 1. On the back of this page, draw a chemically logical mechanism for the following enzyme catalyzed reaction. Make sure to show any bases (B:) or acids (B:H) that you use in the reaction. I have drawn the reaction in a concerted fashion, but stepwise is OK as well. 2. In vivo, why is it so hard for a protein to fold into the final, correct structure in the absence of chaperones? Unfolded proteins tend to have hydrophobic residues on their outside and stick to the high concentration of other proteins in the cell. In some cases, they get stuck in “free energy wells”. 3. What are two factors that limit the length of peptides that can be chemically synthesized?
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Unformatted text preview: The yield of each reaction is <100% and unwanted side reactions. 4. Suppose that you determined the structure of a protein by X-ray crystallography, and you find that no electron density exists for amino acids 23-35. What would you conclude and why? The amino acids are mobile and/or disordered in the crystal since only ordered atoms diffract light. 5. Suppose that we lived in an atmosphere where the O 2 was replaced with H 2 . How would this affect your hair and why? Hair would be “limp” and/or straight due to the reduction of the disulfide bonds between molecules of keratin. O NH NH + + H 2 O H H B: H:B OH NH H B: H:B...
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