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Running head: ETHNIC GROUPS AND DISCRIMINATION 1 Ethnic Groups and Discrimination Stephen D. James ETH/125 Sonya Sanders August 1, 2010 University of Phoenix (Axia College)
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ETHNIC GROUPS AND DISCRIMINATION 2 Ethnic Groups and Discrimination With the amount of all of the immigrants that have immigrated to the United States over the years, most people have multiple ethnic backgrounds; this is what makes the United States so unique and interesting. My ethnic background gives me the traits of Polish, Italian, and Native American, but the ethnic group that I identify with most is Native American which my great grandmother was 100% Sioux. Even though the Native Americans were one of the first immigrants in the United States to colonize, they faced many hardships: including prejudices, segregation, and racism; and they also faced many forms of discrimination. There are many speculations on what groups were the first to migrate to the United States, and when it happened. But, most archaeologists agree that it was a group from Siberia which migrated across the bearing strait about 30,000 years ago, when the world was in the last ice age which caused a land bridge (Beringia) from Western Europe to Alaska from ocean levels being low. The ancestors of Native Americans which first left siberia for greener pastures and better hunting, came to a standstill on Beringia 30,000 years ago and they remained there for appoximately 15,000 which was long enough for them to mutate genetically into who they are today from their Asian sisters (U of Illinois, 2007). The Native Americans then started to
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Etnic+Groups+and+Discrimination+(Autosaved) - Running head...

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