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It’s sad to see how many issues the Native Americans are still having with the “Whiteman”. So many citizens of the United States are so cruel to anybody that is different than them. Where do most Americans end up forgetting about how everyone else feels and only thinking about themselves? A current issue that I found to be very cruel to the Native Americans is the Bloomberg statement. Mayor Bloomberg from New York made some very derogatory racial statements that offended the Native Americans. Bloomberg made the statement “In his remarks, Mayor Bloomberg included derogatory racial statements, against the Seneca Nation and its members, including a statement encouraging ( New York Gov. David Paterson ) to, ‘you know, get yourself a cowboy hat and a shotgun’ and to commence an armed occupation of the nation’s Cattaraugus
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Unformatted text preview: Territory for the purpose of making a video of the governor standing on the NYS Thruway with said cowboy hat and shotgun”. The Seneca Nation council is filing claims of violation of human rights and hate crime complaint with the city and state of New York. I think the legislation of the city of New York is identified with this issue, as they should be held accountable for even having people thinking thoughts like that in their local government. The United States government or New York state government should be pressing for an issue as all governments are linked. The Bureau of Indian Affairs needs to get the right outcome out of this situation or we will always be known to do what is in the “Whiteman’s” interest, and we will never be able to get respect from the Native Americans....
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