Modern Challenges in Immigration

Modern Challenges in Immigration - that all immigrants...

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I think the United States government policy should allow all kinds of immigrants to country as long as the immigrants go through to process of coming to the United States legally. I don’t agree with immigrants coming here illegally and taking jobs from the people that are United States citizens that can’t put food on the table for their family. Some people say that our country needs to only let in immigrants that are smart in math and science or rich, but I disagree. It should be ok for anybody to want to move to where they want to better themselves and their family, especially the safety of their families. I don’t think citizenship preference should be given to the richest people at all. I do feel
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Unformatted text preview: that all immigrants should be looked at as an opportunity for the country to become to most unified and well rounded in every area of science, math, jobs, etc. In certain cases I feel that immigrants that are in danger situation in their country should be given a temporary citizenship until they can be granted a legal citizenship. The United States should be able to be looked at as the country that understands, not the country that treats immigrants worse then somebody in jail. Applicants from any given country should not be given any priority over any other immigrants from other countries....
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