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United Staes-Centric Views Comparison

United Staes-Centric Views Comparison - This table of...

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This table of grouping traits according to what most Americans think was a very interesting learning assignment for me. Although my friend and I are very similar in our believes, it is quite interesting with the results of the chart on how we perceive the average Americans thoughts, as we even had differences in our choices It just shows how unfair and unequal the average American looks at Muslims and Arabs living in the United States. We had many similarities in our charts as we both thought that both groups were family oriented, and devout. We also believed that the Christian Americans were the good neighbors, not oppressive to women, women go to work, well educated, political environment open to both sexes, and secular content in education. For the Muslims and Arabs we both felt that they are oppressive to women, women are homemakers, modest dressers, undereducated, governed by the Qur’an, religious is part of government, male-dominated, violent. Overall we
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