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Heraclitus was from Ephesus and a Greek noble man. Heraclitus proposed another candidate as the basic element, “fire is all.” Heraclitus is my own personal favorite with the ideas “you cannot step into the same river twice.” The philosophy problem of identity (“sameness as change”) questions the ideas that every item changes daily because that particular item is not the same as the day before; (The McGraw−Hill Companies, 2008) “Can today’s river and yesterday’s river be the same, since not a single drop of water in yesterday’s river is in today’s river?”; the statement states not only on rivers but all items including human beings, which has a problem of personal identity arise; no person is truly the same as they were on the previous day. I
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Unformatted text preview: find the views of Heraclitus to be very beautiful and truthful. Heraclitus did not believe in chaos, so the constant change he referred to was part, so he believed of a universal order. Heraclitus ideas of changing and stable are non-contradictory properties of the universe. As an example of Heraclitus ideas applied to the present time could be a persons lawn; in the spring the grass is lying dormant and with each passing days grows, also as each day passes the lawn has insects that inhabit the lawn that make changes, and also weed change the lawn daily to prove that the lawn that a person once had yesterday is not going to be the same yard as tomorrow....
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