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Scott A. James 9507 Anderson Rd. Lake Shore, MN. 56468 16:11 Aristotle Great Philosopher 555 Green Bay Drive Green Bay, Europe 55555 Dear Aristotle: It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity for you to read this letter. I have admired your philosophic views for some time now. Your philosophical views have been accepted all around the world, and to this current day, are still being followed. With all respect however, I would have to disagree with your view of men naturally ruling over women, and excluding them from any political aspect. Your philosophical views on men naturally ruling over women state: that because of the natural distinctions between men and women, it is necessary that men rule over women since they are more rational; in short, women are less capable of reason and logic, and should not be included in any political aspect. It is true that there are biological difference between women and men; women are born biologically different by the means of rationality, but as a person grows they are educated
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Unformatted text preview: in life by their experiences. What a person does throughout their lifetime is brought by a person’s bringing up, or nurture. Women are usually brought up more delicately than men, women tend to try to come up with a more rational solution than men; women tend not to want to offend people, so they carefully think of a reasonable and rational solution, compared to a man’s natural instinct to fight or say the first thing that comes to mind. I would say that though women are born different than males, nurturing and nature is what makes a person whom they are. With regards, I hope that you review the logic that has been argued, and revise your philosophical views of women and political aspects. I hope, by writing this letter of interest, shows you the logic that women are as rational and reasoned as a man can be, and you accept the logical view that you have proven to accept in the rest of your philosophies. Sincerely, Scott A. James Di...
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