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week 4 DQ2 - would want to be treated.” Politicians in my...

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I suppose when asking the question of “what is the connection between moral character and political activism,” the answer may be different for every person that replies. What some may feel is moral character, others may not. Some base morals on “God” and the divine law. Though I do believe in a higher being, I do not feel that moral character should be based on trying to be morally correct to please a higher being; though I may be a little confused myself of moral standards, I feel that a person has a good moral character by “treating others how you
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Unformatted text preview: would want to be treated.” Politicians in my opinion, should be have moral character, and may even fool the public to think that they do have a good moral character. Many so called good moral character politicians prove me wrong after they are caught in scandalous acts. There should definitely be a link between good moral character and political activity, but I would doubt if the two can ever proven to exist among each other....
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