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The viewpoints provided by my cluster and myself seemed to be all very similar. Most members’ in my cluster seemed to agree that moral character and bad habits do not coexist with one another. One member of the group did state that “in some cases bad habits are a person’s moral character are connected.” Some member’s agreed on that statement saying that bad habits learned through bad upraising can cause some people to learn bad habits that may in turn end up classifying that person as a bad moral character with no knowledge of knowing the difference between right and wrong; I do acknowledge that some individuals are not taught the difference between right and wrong, they will know the difference between the two as they grow older. As
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Unformatted text preview: a whole, my cluster believes that moral character and habits are intertwined together. I do feel that everyone should know the difference between good and bad, and right or wrong. Everyone does not have to have my opinion but I feel very strongly on the basic issues involved in making a person have a good or bad moral character. I feel that the members’ of my cluster that feel that the environment that someone is in creates bad habits, and a morally bad character have the modern philosophy, and the cluster members that feel that people should know the difference between right and wrong, and good or bad have the traditional philosophy....
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