week 6 checkpoint - with humble generosity are very rare....

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In some religions, the groups of people are usually following a code to their particular religion. In some religions, people that are not affiliated with that religious group seem to be discriminated against, and in other religions women are looked at as mere cattle. I feel that religion should not shape us into who we are suppose to be, but instead people should create their own path to mortality; though some people with bad moral character should be guided into the correct direction. I do not take it too well when person’s religious beliefs effect the way that they feel they must push their religion onto everyone else that may not feel as strongly into showing a particular religion; though I do appreciate how some religious groups do hold a good moral character standard to maintain. Humble generosity does exist in today’s world. However, it is very limited and we do not see it very often. I compare humble generosity with finding a needle I a hay stack. These people
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Unformatted text preview: with humble generosity are very rare. It is a values trait because most people would love to exude humble generosity, but pride and other character traits get in the way. This scenario would be illustrated wonderfully today with the celebrity donations. We always hear of the celebrities giving large amount of money to charities. It would be similar if at one of the events where all the celebrities gathered applauding each other on how much they outdid each other with their charitable contributions. When a homeless man goes to the podium and reaches in his pocket for his last penny, with his head lowered he goes out into the crowd and out of the event; the man remains anonymous. This man was a humble man because he gave his last penny for something he believed in, then he slipped away from the crowd without any recognition, he did what he felt was right....
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week 6 checkpoint - with humble generosity are very rare....

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